Sirgurd tagtag posted Tue at 7:36
Thank you Roachy for our new banner and Logos 
Roachy tagtag You are very welcome. More to come.

TeamSpeak Server Move

SonicMonkey tagtago posted Sep 27, 14
The new Teamspeak server address is...

It's back up and running...all permisions / channels appear to be in place.  Let me know if we continue to experience problems.
We did it guys, we earned our invite to the Summer Invitational to compete against the best clans on the server!

We will post more information once we get it.

SerbianSniper Congrats and good luck to you all......I look forward to watching the team play.
Colddawg tag Because we qualified we already get at least 25k gold in the clan treasury. First round is August 9th.
Frizzled tagtagtago ...

RS Meeting 061814

Macki tagtag posted Jun 18, 14

Today we met to talk about the direction RS will move toward.  RS has always been a fighting clan.  And has been a significant team in WoT for a long time.  We were a premier team for a long time, but have dropped a few rungs on the ladder over time.  The Officers & Admirals have agreed it is time for RS to fight its way back to relevance!  Saddle up you baldheaded, fat fingered, fa***ts and lets go stomp some serious ASS!

Those who want to help, step it up and help.  We will need good AAR reviews by any members who have a tactical bone for map strategy.

Those who are not able to fight in CW may be asked to move to Red Cell depending on need. 

It's that time again. Our TeamSpeak server requires a renewal to keep going. 

ANY and ALL donations are appreciated guys. No matter the size. They are all appreciated just the same.

We have two methods of donating.   (SEE DONATE TO REDSKY ON THE LEFT HAND SIDE OF THE HOME PAGE)

The first and primary donation method is to our TeamSpeak server fund. This is the fund we use for just about everything. Please donate here first.

The second donation option we have is for the ENJIN Website. The Website still has 150+ days left on the current plan. But dropping a small amount of money in the bin there helps us keep it going forward.

From the Admiralty, Officers and Membership in general, we thank you for your support!

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Individual Missions will be time about 6 months (preliminary)
More on individual missions... 5 mission chains of 15 missions that are tied to vehicle classes. Possible that only 4/5 of the mission chains will need to be completed for each reward tank.
Wow... Individual Missions, 4 tanks, 300 total missions to be completed.
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