As it says.  WoWS is Open Beta as of the 2nd.

Most of you already know and are in game.  But I wanted to make sure people joined our "RedSky" chat channel in game when you join!

See you on the Seas

ThePfeil tag Found it, the interface is a bit "meh", but I finally figured out how to add people. Thx, guys.
SonicMonkey tagtag Lower left hand corner of the screen, the little orange chat bubble. Click it when in port and it opens up the contacts ...
ThePfeil tag I haven't even seen any option for friends or chat, where do I find those?

TeamSpeak funding

SonicMonkey tagtag posted Jun 29, 15

Next round of bills has come due for TS.  If you guys enjoy TS and the WebSite please think about donating on the left hand side of the page.  TS donations go to my paypal (since I pay the bills).  The website donations go directly to Enjin to add time to our website hosting.

Thanks in advance.

Red Sky Clan Spotlight

Frizzled tagtagtag posted Apr 22, 15

We have been invited to participate in the World of Tanks Clan Spotlight. We will be fighting the whole community on May 6 so we will want at least 3 teams online! Be here!

PintFro tag Bah, couldn't be the 7th. I work till midnight EST on Wednesday :(

WoWS Closed Beta starts March 12th.  Go signup if you haven't yet.


Sirgurd tagtag posted Nov 18, 14
Thank you Roachy for our new banner and Logos 
Pistonwolf tag yeah Roachy thanks for the hard work! I know it takes time away from making Sheeny tanks pink with "special" w ...
Koltan tag Love what you did with the place Santa!
Darkestfenrir tag Yea man looks great the girlfriend saw this when she opened my home page and said "Wow you guys go all out for the ...
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