It's that time again. Our TeamSpeak server requires a renewal to keep going.  Our current target for donations to the Clan fund is $1100.00. 

ANY and ALL donations are appreciated guys. No matter the size. They are all appreciated just the same.

We have two methods of donating.   (SEE DONATE TO REDSKY ON THE LEFT HAND SIDE OF THE HOME PAGE)

The first and primary donation method is to our TeamSpeak server fund. This is the fund we use for just about everything. Please donate here first.

The second donation option we have is for the ENJIN Website. The Website still has 150+ days left on the current plan. But dropping a small amount of money in the bin there helps us keep it going forward.

From the Admiralty, Officers and Membership in general, we thank you for your support!

SonicMonkey (Sonic), RedSky Admiral
Hel0, RedSky Admiral
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RS raising again to sea!!!
Is CW down for tomorrow night for the patch?
everywhere red. everywhere
BRAXTON NOW?! Where are they all coming from!!!!!!??????
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